input, WekKitWebProcess resuts in high CPU load !
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Vellemans, Noel
2018-10-03 12:09:49 UTC
Hi All ,

I'm having a CPU / performance issue with MiniBrouwser ( sample incuded in WebKitGtk , webkitgtk-2.28.6.tar.xz)

Browser Functionality seems to work quite fine (webkitgtk-2.28.6.tar.xz, compiled from scratch) ... but.

When I open a web-page that has an input ( for example www.google.com the search entry bar let's say) the CPU usage of the WebKitWebProcess goes up to +80%.

Just opening the page is enough ( no need to type anything) {FYI : normal load if no input is shown, is about 7% on the same ARM cpu }

Any clue where to start looking ? Or is this a known (solved) issue ?

Best Regards